Standard Iron

Location: Monticello, MN
Size: 17,000 SqFt
Type of Construction: Tenant Improvement/Build Out


With more space needed, Standard Iron contacted Heritage to build out their facility in the newly renovated 6th Street Station Building. Standard Iron moved into the largest space with a customized look for their business. Additional windows, cut through Fabcon panels, were added for warm, natural light. A new garage addition was included on the back side of the building with an outside patio area built above the garage using Wausau Tile, a specialty architectural paver. Stucco was added for increased visual appeal.

The interior holds office space, a conference room, a reception lobby and the fabrication area. Heritage worked closely with the owner to create a suspended ceiling cloud system with specialty metal grates to showcase Standard Iron’s capabilities. The media/conference room was designed to feature their expertise with a product line display integrated into the room.